We sat down with Amanda Trent, Regional Housing Manager at CCHM, to discuss the successful partnerships we have established and the positive impact these have had on the Preston region. 

What makes the multi-agency partnership a success?

I think the greatest strength of our multi-agency partnership is that we share one common goal: to support those in need to better their lives. Each organisation has different responsibilities and work to do but together we have established an important process that really does better the lives of the most vulnerable within our country. 

How valuable has the partnership proven to the Preston region?

As a result of the work we have carried out in Preston, approximately 150 people who were homeless or at risk of homelessness now have quality housing and support, which continues to better their lives and opportunities. The work we continue to do within the area is proving greatly beneficial as we work with the local authority to support their needs for the region. We are focused upon delivering an ongoing plan that works in accordance with Preston’s local authority’s requirements. 

How has the partnership met the needs and requirements of tenants?

The partnership continues to meet the needs of our tenants, who are supported in all areas of their lives: housing, care and training. We are passionate about providing the right support that is bespoke to their needs and encourages personal growth and self-development. We remain in regular contact with our tenants so that they can raise any concerns or outline any additional support they require. 

How do PHG continue to support the great work CCHM are doing post-development completion?

In the months since the Preston development was completed, Pathway Homes Group have maintained the close-working relationship we established and continue to support and advance our social purpose within the region. In the lead up to Christmas 2020, the team at Pathway surprised tenants with Christmas hampers full of lovely treats that they had taken the time to choose, which was such a kind gesture and meant a lot to the tenants. They are so much more than a property developer. 

How has the relationship developed with Preston’s local authority? 

We have developed a positive relationship with Preston’s local authority that has evolved over the last 12 months. With their guidance and direction, we are supporting their needs within the local region and continue to benefit from the transparent relationship we have established. Following on from the successful work we have already carried out, we are continuing to collaborate on projects that are required within the region.