Homelessness housing-development specialists, Pathway Homes Group (PHG) made a significant donation of essential goods to The Whitechapel Centre in Liverpool this week, delivering much-needed supplies of food and clothing to help the homeless as temperatures dropped below zero amid the national lockdown.

With emergency lockdown measures imposed to reduce the homeless crisis, there has been mounting pressure on homelessness-support services across the city to meet increased demand for food and assistance.

As a result of this, Liverpool-based PHG have committed to making a measurable difference to communities within their local region and this week’s donation was supplementary to their on-going support to homeless charities and organisations.

PHG are proud to work alongside Liverpool homeless charity, The Whitechapel Centre, which offers crucial support to homeless individuals or those at risk of homelessness within the Merseyside region.

Yesterday afternoon, members of PHG’s workforce delivered essential supplies to the charity’s donation HQ on Blackstock Street. Having liaised with the charity about the support they require, PHG were so happy to donate items The Whitechapel Centre had specified, including food, clothing and financial aid.

Ruth McCaughley, Fundraising Manager at The Whitechapel Centre, said: “As we are unable to receive donations from the public during lockdown, we are starting to run short of some things. Every week we provide food, toiletries and clothing parcels to clients, many of whom arrive with us with very few personal belongings.

“When Pathway Homes Group contacted us to ask how they could help we were able to identify some key items and they very quickly delivered them to us. We’re very grateful for their support and speedy response, which means no one will go without these basic but essential items”.

The charity, founded in 1975, is focused upon reducing, preventing and resolving homelessness, social exclusion and housing poverty by providing practical, realistic and tailored support to give everybody the chance to live better.

PHG greatly admires the charity’s work and understands the social importance of their day-to-day activities, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, which is why they wish to support their on-going efforts. Though donations to the charity are restricted due to Covid-19, The Whitechapel Centre are welcoming online support through their virtual gift list.

Since the start of the pandemic in March 2020, The Whitechapel Centre has helped more than 500+ individuals within Liverpool and Merseyside find temporary accommodation.

Though the Covid-19 pandemic has seen a reduction in the homelessness issue, with vulnerable adults being temporarily sheltered, and with local authorities being rightfully praised for the work they have done to intervene, there remains a growing concern that life after Covid-19 will see a major surge in the homelessness issue.

Once the government’s eviction ban is dissolved, combined with rising unemployment figures and no uplift in Universal Credit, the true impact of Covid-19 on the homelessness issue will be revealed.

David Carter, Chief Executive of The Whitechapel Centre stated: “In terms of the group that are coming through now, you can see the impact of Covid-19 on the number of people who have lost their job, lost their home or had a relationship breakdown.

“You can’t have an increase in unemployment, you can’t have a downturn in the economy and you can’t take away people’s livelihoods and expect it not to have an impact”.

If these concerns relating to a post-lockdown surge in homelessness come to pass once measures are eased, the demand for suitable housing accommodation will be exponential. This serves as further motivation to PHG and their 2021 plans to deliver essential and sustainable homes and living arrangements for the most vulnerable members of society.

Lee Williams, Project Manager at PHG, said: “With our housing developments addressing the homelessness crisis throughout the country, the PHG team are only too aware of the difficulties that face homeless individuals and families and those at risk of homelessness. It is important to us that we provide additional support as these circumstances worsen – we want to play our part.

“PHG works in close partnership with various support agencies and charities throughout the country to provide support, not only through housing solutions, but offering individuals the opportunities to develop life skills, pursue education and training, and receive regular welfare donations as they begin their journey out of homelessness”.

Yesterday’s donation highlights PHG’s aim to go that extra mile to positively impact the lives of those affected by homelessness, with the company now pledging further support to provide hot meals, clothing and essential goods to help as many individuals as possible through The Whitechapel Centre and other organisations in the months ahead.