The importance of focussing upon those who may be forgotten

With the government having recently outlined their proposed roadmap to life after Covid-19, Pathway Homes Group (PHG) has made a significant commitment to support those who may be left behind with ongoing struggles and worsening housing and living circumstances because of the global pandemic.

Though the Covid-19 pandemic has seen a reduction in the homelessness issue, with vulnerable adults being temporarily sheltered through the “Everyone In” scheme, and with local authorities being rightfully praised for the work they have done to intervene, there remains growing concerns that life after Covid-19 will see a major surge in the homelessness issue.

Over the last year, local authorities throughout the country embraced an eviction ban on all evictions from social and privately rented accommodation, which proved highly effective in preventing new homelessness. However, once the government’s eviction ban is dissolved, combined with rising unemployment figures and Rishi Sunak’s recent announcement that the extension on the Universal Credit uplift will be coming to an end in September, the true impact of Covid-19 will be revealed.

New research from Crisis, the UK’s leading homeless charity, assessed the impact of Covid-19 on 150 charities and organisations throughout the country. The study revealed that demand for their services grew massively over the last year, since the start of the pandemic, particularly for those who are homeless, struggling with low wages and high rent. Jon Sparkes, Chief Executive at Crisis, stated: “at this very minute, tens of thousands of people across Britain are struggling against a rising tide of job insecurity and high rents, all of which threaten to push them into homelessness. This isn’t right”.

Rhodri Andrews, Communications Director at PHG, stated: “Rishi Sunak recently announced that since the Covid-19 pandemic spread throughout the UK in March 2020 up to present day, approximately 700,000 people have lost their jobs. As well as this, once the furlough scheme ends in September 2021, it is obvious that we will see a major increase on this already growing figure, as organisations begin to make redundancies. It is only then that the true impact of the pandemic will be known; you can’t have such an upsurge in job losses and unemployment, and not expect this to have any bearing.

“At Pathway Homes Group, the work we do on a day-to-day basis is to help those most in need have access to high-quality accommodation. Working closely with our partner organisations, we are well aware of the struggles of those who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, and we want to ensure everybody has the chance to better their lives and opportunities.”

If these concerns relating to a post-lockdown surge in homelessness come to pass once measures are relaxed in coming weeks and months, the demand for suitable housing will be exponential. This further motivates PHG and their ongoing commitment to deliver essential and sustainable homes and living arrangements for those most in need. With developments well underway in Exeter and Stoke, PHG have exciting plans in place for future developments around the country in their bid to reduce homelessness.