Homelessness housing-development specialists, Pathway Homes Group (PHG) made a significant donation of essential food items to Community Enterprises PL12 (CEPL12) in Plymouth this week, delivering much-needed supplies for families faced with food insecurity as a result of the COVID-19 crisis.

Long before Covid-19 hit, the UK was seeing increasing levels of use of food banks and community support organisations across the UK were reporting a rise in the number of people unable to afford essential items and requesting help.

As Covid-19 hit the UK, the Trussell Trust reported an immediate and sustained surge in need across its food banks, and in April 2020, they saw an 89% increase in the number of emergency food parcels given out compared with the same month in 2019.

Despite Government investment in Universal Credit scheme and Job Retention Scheme, families are still struggling and community organisations such as CEPL12 continue to provide vital support to people unable to afford the essential. Liverpool-based PHG, who provide housing solutions for those on low-incomes and people at risk of homelessness have seen these struggles and have committed to making a measurable difference to the communities in which they operate, and this week’s donation was supplementary to their on-going support to community support organisations and charities.

PHG is proud to work in partnership with organisations supporting their tenants, and as their housing development schemes in Plymouth get underway, they contacted Community Enterprises PL12 to enquire about how they could help address immediate and ongoing requirements. Last Tuesday (9th March), PHG was pleased to be able to make their first donation of food supplies to help stock up the Community Fridge and Larder at CEPL12 in such unprecedented times.

Lee Williams, Project Manager at PHG, said: “Supporting local communities and charities with ongoing donations has always been important to Pathway Homes, but we believe now more than ever, due to Covid-19, it is vital that we continue to provide additional support as these circumstances continue to worsen”.

Jo Baskott, Director & Chair of Community Enterprises PL12, said: “Many thanks for the generous donation of goodies which Sandy delivered. We were so pleased to receive such a lot of the items which we all tend to take for granted, but which are luxuries if you’re struggling; coffee, tea, biscuits, chocolate. These will certainly be greatly appreciated by the users of our Community Fridge and Larder. We’re saving the Crème eggs to give to the children that visit us the week before Easter, for some of them this will be their only Easter egg.

Our Community Fridge provides a food lifeline for around 300 users a week, with another 100 using our Mobile Larder. We’re an average town with an average population, yet we are seeing growing food insecurity as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. Your donation will help to alleviate that for our users, over the course of the coming weeks”.

The donation highlights PHG’s aim to go that extra mile to positively impact the lives of those affected by housing and food insecurity, with the company now pledging further support to provide more essential goods to help as many individuals as possible through CEPL12 and other organisations in the months ahead.