Rosanagh Carson joined Pathway Homes Group (PHG) in late 2020 as an Audit Administrator, supporting the Data & Audit Officer to oversee the various data systems the organisation use.

Her responsibilities include analysing data for ongoing reporting and implementing and following the correct procedures for documentation storage/sharing. We recently sat down with Rosanagh to discuss her day-to-day activities within the organisation, how she enjoys working for PHG and her career aspirations for the future.

Can you share some information on your working background and experience prior to joining PHG?

Before I joined the Data & Audit team at PHG, I worked in various roles and organisations within Liverpool’s legal sector. Though the roles varied, they all shared an administrative aspect, which gave me great skills and knowledge that I still utilise today. Although I enjoyed this period of my working life, I never felt as though I had found the role that was the right match for me, which I have now found at PHG.

Can you tell us about your role and responsibilities as Audit Administrator at Pathway Homes Group?

As PHG’s Audit Administrator, my responsibilities include analysing data for ongoing reporting and implementing and following the correct procedures for documentation storage/sharing. My daily activities include collecting, analysing and auditing all organisational data; this can be in the form of Building Surveys, Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) of properties and Handover Packs.

What do PHG do?

PHG acquire and develop high-quality housing to provide sustainable living accommodation for vulnerable and homeless individuals/families, or those at risk of homelessness, in areas that need it most. At PHG, we believe in having a positive social impact on communities throughout the country, developing lasting properties for those in need. We work with charities and housing associations to create housing accommodation and opportunities that will change people’s lives for the better.

With regards to the Covid-19 pandemic, why is PHG’s development work more important than ever?

Now more than ever, the demand for accessible housing is growing and will continue to do so as we follow the government’s roadmap out of lockdown. It is only post-Covid that we will see the impact of the pandemic when furlough ends, and redundancies are made. This ongoing problem could put immeasurable strain and pressure on housing associations and local authorities. Our schemes and development programmes provide access to a wide range of properties and units to help reduce such pressures.

What do you enjoy most about working at PHG?

As cliché as it sounds, no two days are ever the same and that keeps me motivated as I am working on a variety of different tasks each week.

My other favourite part of working at PHG is the way the organisation goes that extra mile to help and support others. It feels so rewarding to be involved in a company that genuinely cares. For example, in December 2020, we were involved in a volunteering day, working with a housing association to support tenants in the lead up to Christmas. I found the experience to be so refreshing and uplifting. It’s one thing to acknowledge how our work impacts the lives of those in need but getting that hands-on experience was so motivating. Spending that afternoon with incredible Housing Agency workers, building a strong rapport with the residents and being able to hear their personal stories makes what we do so worthwhile.

What projects are you currently working on?

I am currently preparing Handover Packs and collecting all the required information and documentation for our Plymouth and Exeter portfolios. These include Gas Safety Records, Cooker/Hob Manuals and Fire Alarm Certificates. When construction is completed on these properties, we will have all information required for a smooth transition.

Do you feel that PHG provide the support you require?

As an employer, PHG have been so supportive to me. As somebody who battles ongoing mental health issues, the support, understanding and compassion I have received has been incredible. What’s great about PHG is that they honour and reflect the values they promote as an organisation.

How has the company adapted to the current Covid-19 pandemic?

Like many organisations throughout the world, PHG have adapted to working remotely in a bid to reduce the spread of Covid-19 and adhere to government regulations and guidelines. Though we are all working from home, using Microsoft Teams and Outlook has ensured we are able to stay in regular contact, so our usual day-to-day activities remain unaffected. As an organisation, PHG have been so supportive and implemented everything they possibly can to ensure the team are happy; the senior management are always on hand to provide support if it is required.

Has PHG provided any opportunities to progress within your career and further develop industry skills?

Yes, the senior management team are aware of my desire to progress and are providing the right support and opportunities to ensure I can do so. I am currently working towards obtaining a Level 3 Business Administration Diploma. The work I have already completed has greatly benefited my job competencies and knowledge. During lockdown, I have undertaken an array of online courses that PHG offered, including Homelessness and Need, Challenge to Access Housing and Managing to Meet User’s Needs.