Working in collaboration with Lancashire’s local authority, Pathway Homes Group (PHG) is looking ahead to a positive future, restoring, renovating and developing properties that will positively impact Morecambe’s localities. So, what are we doing within the region? 

With everything from identifying and acquiring a property to ensuring all safety regulations are met and the important finishing touches are added, PHG invests a lot of time, effort and commitment into the properties we redevelop. We are dedicated to reinvigorating, restoring and refurbishing each house to the highest standard. As well as this, in a bid to support Morecambe’s local communities, PHG is financially investing in the region. We are working with local supply chains, purchasing materials and resources from Morecambe’s contractors and suppliers to reinvest in this borough and create safe and sustainable accommodation for those most in need: veterans returning to civilian life, single parents, families facing financial hardships and those at risk of homelessness. 

Under the guidance of our project managers, the properties acquired in Morecambe are being developed to meet the “Built to Quality Homes Standard”. All key requirements have been identified to ensure each property is transformed into a comfortable home for tenants. 

To improve health, safety and energy efficiency, we upgrade heating systems and sources (such as old radiators) to create a more comfortable internal environment and reinforce our commitment to reducing the carbon footprint and improving green credentials. Similarly, insulation, windows and doors are also replaced or refurbished. All electrics are tested and replaced where required to ensure they meet building regulations. Safety is a key priority for PHG, and we ensure all health and safety measures are implemented into properties: fire doors, non-slip flooring and other additional features. 

Each house is completely redecorated with fresh paint, with flooring and new appliances fitted throughout, including fridge/freezer and washing machine. The properties are fitted with premium kitchens and bathrooms, with new furniture also supplied.  

At PHG, we understand that the success of renovating and redeveloping a property ultimately comes down to good preparation and a strong awareness of the process ahead. Josh Davis, Project Manager at PHG stated: “one of our greatest successes as an organisation is the strict schedule of works we have established for each development. Our construction teams understand that having such a rigorous procedure to follow keeps everything on track and most importantly, gives a sense of order to the works they are carrying out”. 

In our commitment to invest in community growth, we are proud of our restoration development in Morecambe, working in collaboration with Lancashire’s local authority to better the local communities throughout the region. As our federal partner, the local authority provides all tenant referrals for these properties to our partner organisations: housing association and support provider. 

As a developer, the high-quality properties we deliver continue to make long-term commitments to the communities we operate in. The before and after images showcase the great work of our construction teams and PHG’s positive and lasting transformation of these properties in Morecambe.