Pathway Homes Group (PHG) is developing sustainable and high-quality properties that make positive change happen in communities throughout the U.K. In late 2020, the developer was approached by their partner organisations (housing association and support provider), who identified Stoke-on-Trent as a region requiring further housing accommodation to support the growing number of individuals in need.

With a vast knowledge and understanding of Stoke-on-Trent, the multi-agency approach will have a positive impact on the region, providing housing, support and training opportunities for tenants: families and individuals facing financial hardships and/or domestic issues, homeless individuals, those at risk of homelessness and veterans returning to civilian life.

Having listened to the information and evidence provided by their partner organisations, PHG identified and acquired thirty-four properties within the Staffordshire region.

Collectively, the properties were tired, well worn and in need of modernisation. To meet and surpass building and safety regulations, and to create sustainable and comfortable homes for future tenants, our dedicated teams began the complete overhaul of the thirty-four houses. Each property had a number of diverse issues, some cosmetic and others more complex and challenging: damp spread throughout, leaking boilers and other major safety issues such as electrical faults and exposed wiring.

Within the first week of purchase, one of the properties (a block of five flats) had a major incident that required immediate action. Due to poor maintenance and negligence from the previous owner, the property suffered a major boiler leak, which resulted in emergency services being called to evacuate the building. In a bid to support the tenants who had lived within this property prior to PHG’s purchase of it, the developer sourced and provided temporary accommodation for everybody affected. Due to Covid-19 guidelines and restrictions, the process of securing temporary accommodation was problematic, yet PHG managed to arrange and fund the costs for all tenants to temporarily stay in a nearby hotel, whilst the vital repairs were carried out.

Working alongside local contractors, sourced as a further investment into Stoke-on-Trent’s local communities, PHG’s Project Manager, Neil Murphy, assessed the property and began the process of rectifying the issues caused by the boiler leak. He stated: “when we received the call from the emergency services, we were unsure of what to expect at the property. It had literally been seven days since the purchase had completed and the magnitude of the damage the leak had caused was huge. The leak itself was so vast that all aspects of the property were damaged by the water: electrics and wiring, appliances, paint, plaster and furniture”.

Under the guidance of Neil Murphy, PHG’s construction teams began the restoration and refurbishment of the property, with the aim of delivering high-quality housing for those most in need. As well as repairing all damages caused by the leak, the team developed the property to meet the “Built to Quality Homes Standard”, improving safety and energy efficiency by upgrading all heating systems and replacing/refurbishing insulation, windows and doors. The entire property has been fitted with premium bathrooms, toilets, kitchens and communal living areas, with each room being completely redecorated with fresh plaster and paint, and flooring and new appliances fitted throughout.

With the Stoke development well on the way to being completed and transferred to PHG’s partner housing association and support provider, tenants are already being housed and beginning a positive new chapter in their lives. PHG’s partner organisations are proud to be working alongside Stoke-on-Trent’s Housing Options Team, which is managed by the City Council, who will provide direct tenant referrals of local adults in need of support within the region.

Collectively, the multi-approach has laid the foundations for a successful future for the individuals housed within the Staffordshire region.