When Boris Johnson announced the introduction of the third national lockdown in early January 2021, it was further disruption for businesses up and down the country. More importantly, it was another blow to employees who were finally settling back into their work environment after working remotely for extended periods of time since March 2020.

Yet Liverpool-based developer, Pathway Homes Group (PHG), was determined to keep their employees focused, engaged and active. Though building and construction operations continued for the organisation, their day-to-day activities were limited due to external factors. As a result of this, the Directors and senior management of PHG decided that for those working remotely, the additional free time was a great opportunity to progress with their continued professional development (CPD).

For PHG, learning and development is embedded within their professional culture. By investing in CPD for their dynamic workforce, PHG actively encourage employees to reap the benefits of these opportunities.

We recently sat down with PHG’s Audit Administrator, Rosanagh Carson, to discuss the CPD courses and programmes she completed during the most recent lockdown and how they have positively impacted her job role and her health and wellbeing. She stated: “The senior management team have always been so encouraging and supportive. Even before lockdown was reintroduced, the Directors at Pathway Homes have always promoted the importance of training and development. I am currently completing a Level 3 Business Administration Diploma, which has already greatly benefited my job competencies and knowledge”.

During our discussion, Rosanagh commented on the variety of training opportunities available and how important they have been for her: “when it was announced in January that the country was entering another lockdown, I was slightly apprehensive at the thought of being stuck at home again. But having access to unlimited CPD training opportunities really gave me something to focus on. Over the last few months, I have completed training courses relevant to my job role and the industry we work in. These courses include Admin, PA and Secretarial, Reading and Note Raking, Homeless and Need, Pathway to Property and Understanding Mortgages”.

Rosanagh continued: “it is often wrongly assumed that CPD courses and training programmes must be specific to an individual’s particular job role. However, this is not the case. CPD goes beyond professional learning and development”.

For PHG, CPD is instrumental in building a happy and knowledgeable workforce and developing a great working relationship between employees and employer.  The health and wellbeing of their employees is so important to PHG, which is why they have actively encouraged their team to complete courses including Anxiety Awareness, Coping in Isolation, Equality and Diversity and Exploring the Relationship between Anxiety and Depression. Regarding this matter, Rosanagh said: “it is great that our organisation invests in training that can positively impact our mindset and outlook. It has been so rewarding to complete health and wellbeing programmes to develop my awareness and knowledge of these topics”.

Though they have now returned to the office post-lockdown, PHG’s dynamic team are continuing to complete ongoing CPD training and are working towards a goal of completing a minimum of two courses each month.

Image produced by Microbizmag.co.uk and made available under Creative Commons.