The first couple of months of the calendar year can feel like a heavy trudge sometimes – short daylight hours, grey skies, and – this year in particular – some unpleasantly stormy weather. No wonder so many of us struggle with motivation, especially when it comes to being active outside.

With all of the above in mind, we wanted to do something a little bit special for our first team walk / Friday Finisher of the year. So, on 21st January 2022, we launched our Every Step Counts campaign, a new Pathway Homes team challenge which will help to motivate our team to get outside more this year, whilst raising money for good causes.

Introducing our Every Step Counts challenge

We are challenging every member of the Pathway team who wants to join us to get as many steps as possible in the next 6 months, counting on a phone, fitbit, or other wearable device.

To keep us all motivated with the challenge, we’re asking everyone who is taking part to share their monthly step count update with the team. But there’s more to this challenge than just creating a straightforward step counting competition.

We’re asking the team to use their Every Step Counts walking time to help achieve three great things:

1. To enjoy the benefits of getting out into the fresh air for a regular walk and decompress. As ever, we continue to encourage our team to support their wellbeing by taking regular breaks and enjoying a breath of fresh air at lunchtime.

2. To train for a brilliant outdoor challenge – we will be organising a team walk up Yr Wyddfa / Snowdon in June 2022. That’s a 13k walk, with around 800m of ascent, and a walking time of around 6 hours.

3. To use the opportunity to raise sponsorship for good causes in our communities, based on the nominations of our team.

The two-million step incentive

As an extra added incentive, any team member who exceeds two million steps during their six-month training period ahead of our Snowdon challenge will be put in a draw to win a weekend stay at the beautiful new Rwst Holiday Lodge Park in North Wales. The weekend stay will be for two people, and the lucky winner’s weekend will start early because as an added incentive for their training, the winner will also get the Friday of their weekend stay off work!

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