Last Friday, our team were up and out first thing in the morning, travelling to Snowdonia for a day of hiking and exploring Mount Snowdon’s Pyg and Miner’s trails. It was the perfect day weather-wise, and Mother Nature was definitely looking down on our hikers, blessing them with sunshine, clear skies and stunning views on their wellbeing walk.

It was a day the team had been waiting and preparing for, the final challenge of our Every Step Counts campaign. Launched in January of this year, the campaign was a new year motivator for the team as we entered 2022. Our in-house wellbeing challenge encouraged everybody to get outside more often for a regular walk to enjoy the fresh air and decompress. It’s been a fantastic experience watching everybody get involved and embark on lunchtime walks with each other. A move of offices to Liverpool’s waterfront in March also helped with the lovely promenade now on our doorstep.

Back to Friday’s challenge, the team met at Pen-y-Pass car park at the foot of Snowdon’s Pyg trail, setting off on their adventure at approximately 10 am. It was an extremely sunny day with temperatures soaring and the sun beaming down on our hikers – thankfully, some were well prepared and had enough sun cream to share. Over the next three hours – including rest and water breaks – the team ascended to the summit along with our Data and Audit Officer Monta’s furry friend Shadow, who deserves a special mention for his part in the hike. After a well-deserved lunch break and countless photographs at the summit, the team began their descent down the mountain, opting for the Miner’s trail on the way back to experience the beautiful lakeside path and a different route to their climb.

Monta said of the experience: “It was a great day out and a fantastic adventure for everybody involved. There was a diverse mix of ages and fitness levels, but that didn’t matter. We all pulled together and supported one another. We made sure we took breaks when we needed to and pushed each other on when it was necessary to do so. The sense of fulfilment when we reached the summit was absolutely amazing. I can’t wait for our next wellbeing challenge”.

Having fostered an environment that promotes ongoing conversations around the importance of mental health and wellbeing, Pathway Homes’ dynamic workforce is proud to have and be the support for each other’s health and wellbeing.

The directors and senior management team would like to congratulate our Snowdon hikers on their remarkable efforts and accomplishment. As an organisation, we are committed to supporting and embracing all initiatives that positively impact our people’s mental and physical wellbeing, which is why we launched our Every Step Counts campaign earlier this year.

Laura Sharpe, Office Manager at Pathway Homes, stated: “Whether it’s a practical and work-related problem or a personal and emotional one, we support our team in all aspects of their lives. Our Every Step Counts campaign, culminating in our Snowdon challenge, further reinforced how important health and wellbeing are to our organisation”.

Now Snowdon has been ticked off the list, it is time to start planning a future challenge for the team. Stay tuned for our next wellbeing campaign launching soon.