We recently sat down with Alex Bass, CEO of Dawson Housing, to discuss the housing services the organisation provides, the successful partnerships they have established and what impact the worrying cost-of-living crisis may have on communities throughout the UK.


Can you tell us a bit about Dawson Housing’s story so far?

Dawson Housing is an independent Housing Association and registered social landlord.

We’re based in the South of England but operate nationwide, providing affordable homes for individuals and families that need them most. However, we are so much more than a housing association. It is our mission to deliver the best services and provisions, including housing standards, maintenance and repairs, health, wellbeing and various other types of support.

We are an approved Community Benefit Society with charitable cause and work with local communities to build positive futures for everybody.


What’s your organisational ethos?

Similar to what I said above, it’s our mission to bring communities together and create better opportunities for everybody to grow and thrive. Though we specialise in housing and providing stable living accommodation, we are also committed to helping our residents flourish in all aspects of their lives: housing, care and support, training, education and employment.


How do you ensure your residents are progressing in all aspects of their lives?

We have established fantastic partnerships with amazing organisations around the country, including charities, housing developers, support providers, training and employment providers and community groups. Through this collaborative approach, we are focussed on enabling people to live independently and guaranteeing they have the right support they need to succeed. By working with organisations that share our same passions for benefiting people and communities around the country, we can create bespoke services that positively impact each individual in need of our support.


Can you tell us about Dawson Housing’s partnership with Pathway Homes?

We have worked with your organisation for several years and together we have forged a brilliant partnership that really does make a difference in the services we can provide.

You have always been efficient, productive and professional, delivering high-quality housing within a speedy timeframe. The impressive turnaround of properties and the remarkable standard to which Pathway Homes prides itself means we can give individuals and families a stable and comfortable home.

Our partnership with Pathway Homes is something we are proud of. Their team has always been so professional and together we have established great communication links, which ensures we are constantly making progress with our housing strategy throughout the country.


How do you feel the cost-of-living crisis will impact people throughout the country?

It’s an extremely worrying time for everybody and I genuinely believe that local authorities will be overwhelmed by the growing numbers facing homelessness in the coming months. Millions of households throughout the country will struggle to live as this problem continues to worsen.

I think everybody within our sector has major concerns that millions of families will be at risk of homelessness as a result of the cost-of-living crisis. People shouldn’t have to choose between putting food on their table, keeping their home warm and paying rent. The government needs to intervene and put support measures in place before it is too late.


What does Dawson Housing have planned for the future?

We are committed to our original goals and will continue to deliver housing and support services to ensure everybody can live an independent and rewarding life while feeling safe and with access to the right help and guidance should it be required.


If you or anybody you know are facing housing instability and require support, please contact our partner organisation Dawson Housing on 0151 640 0398. Their team is always on hand to provide bespoke support to meet your housing needs.