Pathway Homes

For our most recent wellbeing initiative, we invited the team to a cookery masterclass at a lovely Italian restaurant in Liverpool. It was a chance for us to escape the office environment and take part in something new and exciting together.

On a grey and windy Monday afternoon last week, we invited the team to finish early and join us for a few hours of cooking as we attempted to make some of Italy’s most celebrated dishes. Together we headed to one of Liverpool’s most popular restaurants, Il Forno.

We started with the basics, eggs and flour, and slowly mixed the two to form our dough balls. It was a great but messy start to the class, though very satisfying and easy once we got the hang of how to knead the pasta dough (the easiest way is to push it down and away from you with the palm of your hand – this was one of the many tips we picked up during the class).

After lots of cutting, rolling and spreading, we made fresh ravioli, which was delicious when we tried it afterwards, and a personal favourite of many of the staff that participated. We then used the remainder of the dough to create our very own tagliatelle. Be sure to check out some photographs of our final dishes on our social media – they were a delight!

It was a fantastic experience, and the team learnt so much more than the cuisine. Food and culinary dishes are so bound up with the history of a place, so we were fully immersed in not only the taste of Italy but the culture of the region also.

Our Acquisitions Administrator Kaitlyn said of the cookery masterclass, “learning to cook with an expert chef was a great experience for all of us. Despite the fact that I consider myself to be quite the cook at home, we all learnt something new. I’ve never done anything like it before. It was great fun and something I’d definitely recommend to everybody”.

“Last week’s cookery class was our latest commitment to workforce wellbeing” Pathway’s Office Manager Laura added. “As an organisation, we understand the importance of team bonding and fostering a healthy relationship away from the office environment. We’re always interested in exploring new ways to bring our people together, and what’s better than food to do this?”

Following on from this cookery adventure, we’re looking forward to seeing our team’s homecooked pasta dishes they’ll be making for lunch over the coming weeks. Especially now that we know they can give Gino a run for his money with the Italian culinary skills.