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Better Together:

Successful collaborations
For positive outcomes


CCHM, Parasol Homes and Preston City Council


237 units restored and refurbished


Working in partnership with Creating Change Housing Management (CCHM) and Parasol Homes, we facilitated a successful, prosperous and professional relationship with Preston City Council, which continues to evolve and benefit this borough of Lancashire and the most vulnerable members of its local communities.


Key Achievements

Identified and acquired 47 properties in Preston

237 units refurbished to meet the “Built to Quality Homes Standard”

95% tenanted-occupancy rates secured on a 25-yearlong lease

Approximately 226 people now have access to quality housing and support


PHG were approached by CCHM

We were approached by CCHM, a Lancashire-based support provider, who highlighted a need for further accommodation within this region to fulfil the backlog of waiting tenants in need of support.

From the outset, CCHM provided an in-depth understanding of the needs of the locality, using local knowledge and supporting evidence to prove that further housing was required. This understanding of the local context served as an important pre-requisite for the successful partnership we have established.

Our multi-agency collaborations

Together we were committed to making a measurable difference in our service provision by working together to reach the most vulnerable members of Preston’s society, delivering efficient benefits and services to ensure those in need were supported in all aspects of life: housing, care and support, training and education.

Collectively, our multi-agency collaboration considered potential barriers, which appertain to the homeless issue, acknowledging and addressing each to ensure the delivery model was successful and had a lasting and positive impact on the most vulnerable members of Preston’s communities.


Pathway Homes Group

As a result, we identified and acquired 47 properties in Preston, which contained 237 units, restoring and refurbishing each of these to meet the “Built to Quality Homes Standard”, improving energy efficiency and green credentials: insulation, windows and doors. Thus, reducing the carbon footprint and ensuring better living opportunities for those most in need.

Creating Change Housing Management

CCHM also played a vital role in the success of our multi-agency approach, working with these vulnerable individuals daily to provide bespoke and intensive support services to encourage and enable personal growth, self-development and independence. CCHM have recently founded an educational support hub for tenants to improve their computer skills, as well as offering online training courses: Alcohol Awareness, Substance Misuse Awareness, Understanding Anxiety and Mental Health Awareness and Personal Money Management.

Parasol Homes

Upon completion, we worked closely with Parasol Homes, a housing association, who secured 95% tenanted-occupancy rates on a 25-yearlong lease for the properties in such a short timeframe, giving approximately 226 individuals, who were homeless or at risk of homelessness, sustainable and quality housing opportunities within the Preston area.

Our ongoing relationship with Preston Council

The flexibility of this joined-up service delivery has greatly improved the local region and works in unison with the local authority’s homeless strategy to reduce those at risk of the homeless issue. Through hard work and commitment, we have developed a positive relationship with Preston’s local authority and are working towards the delivery of a successful strategic plan that continues to support their needs. Together we take guidance and direction from the local authority, who highlight the housing needs for local residents and remain pivotal in outlining the support they require to address such issues.

This successful partnership with Preston’s local authority has evolved since development plans first began and remains ongoing, with all benefiting from clarity of purpose and agreed objectives and outcomes. Collectively, we remain focused upon meeting the specific needs of the council, providing flexible services that continue to offer the correct support they require.

CCHM’s management team remain in regular contact with the local authority and by having active dialogue and an ongoing working relationship, all parties continue to develop and deliver local solutions for local issues within this region.

Partner Interview

We sat down with Amanda Trent, Regional Housing Manager at CCHM, to discuss the successful partnerships we have established and the positive impact these have had on the Preston region.

I think the greatest strength of our multi-agency partnership is that we share one common goal: to support those in need to better their lives.

Amanda TrentRegional Housing Manager at CCHM