Pathway Homes
Tenant Case Study

Jason Lewington


Creating Change: Celebrating the Great Work of Our Partner Organisation

In 2019, Pathway Homes Group’s partner organisation, Creating Change Housing Management (CCHM), were approached by an individual in desperate need of housing and support for his brother who had fallen into difficult circumstances. With the right support, guidance and access to quality housing, Jason has transformed his life for the better.

Jason, aged 51, was born in Liverpool, where he still resides today in a property that was developed by PHG and where he still receives ongoing support from CCHM’s dedicated workforce. Having sat down with Jason to discuss the circumstances that led to his brother’s intervention that ultimately saved his life, he pinpointed 2012 as the year that everything changed. Prior to this, he had enjoyed the everyday experiences and happiness of life: a family, a home and a successful career and job that he had worked hard to achieve.

In 2012, tragedy struck Jason’s life when his father passed away in front of him. Reflecting on this period, Jason stated: “I struggled with the death of my Father and a couple of years later, my mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer and given only fourteen months to live.

“At this point, I had hit rock bottom and turned to alcohol and drugs to numb the pain. After a four-year battle with cancer, my Mother sadly passed away. Four weeks later, my older brother died suddenly, and I couldn’t cope with the loss of so many of my loved ones. My abuse worsened and I was now misusing alcohol and drugs on a daily basis”.

Jason pinpointed 2012 as the year that everything changed for him. Prior to this, he had enjoyed the everyday experiences and happiness of an ordinary life: a family, a home and a successful career and job that he had worked hard to achieve.

During our discussion, Jason openly shared his previous struggles and how his brother acted fast before the situation became fatal. At the time, his brother searched online for organisations that could provide the housing and support Jason required and this was how he came across CCHM.

Having been introduced to CCHM via his brother, Jason found himself presented with new opportunities to better his life and circumstances. He was introduced to the development and support programme established through the multi-agency approach of CCHM, PHG and other partner organisations. Together, the partners work to positively impact the lives of individuals like Jason, who have fallen into difficult circumstances by delivering housing, support and educational opportunities to better their future prospects.

Reflecting on the two years he has been supported by CCHM, Jason stated: “CCHM has been brilliant and supported me every step of the way. The team are only ever a phone call away and that is so reassuring. I have a great relationship with all of the staff, and I cannot praise them enough for the support and guidance they have given me.

“When I requested that CCHM locate a property close to my brother to receive his support and regular visits as well as theirs, the team did everything in their power to guarantee I was able to live close by. This has undoubtedly stopped me from falling back into my old ways”.

“Jason is one of CCHM’s shining stars. His experiences over the last couple of years illustrate that support and help is out there for individuals facing hardships and difficult times in their lives. It has been a pleasure for CCHM to work with Jason since 2019 and support his needs as he rebuilds his life and works towards a more fulfilling and independent future”.

Amanda Trent, Regional Housing Manager at CCM

Jason has recently expressed interest in completing training and educational programmes available via the multi-agency approach of the partner organisations. He is eager to develop computer skills and competencies to work in the information technology industry or within a customer service role. However, his long-term goal is to be fully independent, have his own home and live with his daughters once again. With the ongoing support of CCHM and the commitments he has made to better his life, Jason is well on the way to making his future goals a reality.