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Over the last few years, there has been a growing concern that the homeless crisis was set to worsen post-coronavirus. This coupled with 2022’s alarming cost of living crisis, which has seen an exponential increase in household bills, is set to affect thousands throughout the country and drive individuals and families into homelessness.

The response to the first national Covid-19 lockdown in early 2020 has shown that a lot can be achieved when the political will is there. This was primarily due to the “Everyone In” scheme and the intervention work of local authorities around the country supporting those in need of stable living accommodation. But where is the same level of help now? What measures will be introduced to support those facing the homelessness crisis due to the recent soar in household prices?

Housing is at the core of the worsening homeless crisis because availability is so scarce, and demand for stable living accommodation continues to excel amidst this cost-of-living chaos. The immediate response must be to reverse damaging welfare cuts that make it impossible for people to pay their rent and maintain a secure home for their families and loved ones.

Lord Bird, the founder of Big Issue, provided a detailed response to this issue. He stated: “The UK is about to witness the sharpest increase in homelessness since the Industrial revolution. We have not seen so many people facing homelessness at one time in centuries”.

He continued: “Rising food and energy bills, rising living costs, chronic underfunding of housing, soaring fuel bills and the end of Covid eviction bans in June mean that a quarter of a million people are facing eviction or have had eviction notices served. More than 16,000 families and children are being evicted from their homes every month. And this is only set to increase as the rising cost of living takes its toll”.

In December of last year, government ministers announced a £316million homelessness prevention fund for local authorities to protect thousands at risk of homelessness throughout the country. But Lord Bird, who welcomed the government grant at the time, has now questioned if the move has done much to solve the problem.

Pathway Homes’ head project manager, Lee Williams, commented: “In the long term, it is essential that high-quality, sustainable homes continue to be made available to those most in need of housing support throughout the UK”.

As a leading developer that provides sustainable housing for those facing or at risk of homelessness, Pathway Homes is committed to our pledge to deliver essential homes and living arrangements for those most in need. We already have plans in place for future developments around the country and are looking forward to playing our part in reducing homelessness.