Pathway Homes

In today’s society, more and more investors are eager to make a difference and support local communities, whilst still securing their future and investing their finances wisely to bring a strong ROI. As a nation, we have been mindful of environmental issues for some time, but the Covid-19 pandemic has further reiterated the importance, and lack, of housing availability for those most in need within our local communities.

In the years prior to Covid-19, there have been ongoing concerns about a shortage of affordable homes in the UK, and while the government has committed money to infrastructure, it is increasingly reliant on private housebuilders and housing associations to plug the gap.

Homeless housing investment trusts offer retail investors the opportunity to invest in this structure, which breaks down barriers for everyday investors looking to invest in a good cause while providing a stable income. Collectively, we have become more conscious of our social responsibility and are aware that the investment choices we make have a vast impact on our society. Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of investing in homeless housing is that investors can see the impact their cash is having.

According to Jura Capital and the Impact Investing Institute, investment companies making social impact investments now manage £3.9billion of assets. Homelessness housing has formed a large part of this; local authorities around the country are turning to care and support providers to manage the health, wellbeing and welfare of tenants and to housing associations to provide the accommodation. The housing associations lease these properties on a long-term basis from the investment trusts.

Liverpool-based developer, Pathway Homes Group (PHG) plays a pivotal role in this important process, delivering stable and sustainable housing and accommodation for the investment trusts to support those most in need and at risk of homelessness throughout the UK. The investment trusts generate a stable, secure and inflation-protected income for investors, to meet their income requirements and capital growth.

PHG is committed to playing its part and having a positive impact on communities throughout the country, continuing its substantial developments scheduled for the remainder of 2021 and fulfilling its commitment to providing stable and sustainable housing for those most in need.