Pathway Homes

Our Story

Pathway Homes was born from a shared vision by its founders to help tackle and manage the escalating issues of homelessness and supported living across the UK. This vision is not simply the provision of bricks and mortar, but to provide a pathway of support from our partners’ tenants, enabling the individual to prosper from their environment and gain the skills needed to empower them to fulfil their potential. 


Our Values

Our values underpin our organisation and represent how we operate under the beliefs shared by our entire team, our partners and our stakeholders. Our five governing principles are Respect, Authenticity, Innovation, Quality and Accountability and we are committed to upholding and driving forward our values in all that we do.



We nurture a diverse and inclusive environment, where collaboration is encouraged, enabling shared experiences and ideas. We respect each other’s opinions, acknowledging the vital role each individual plays within the organisation and the valuable skills and attributes that they offer. Teamwork is key to our success.



We adopt a needs-led approach which puts people at the forefront of our ideology. With commitment and passion, we offer people a pathway to a better life. We strive to understand the true needs of a community. Authenticity sits at the foundation of the organisation – we are loyal, honest, open and ethical.



Our adaptability, flexibility and creativity provides us with the ideal platform from which we can grow and be the best. Innovation sits at the heart of the organisation and helps us build our brand as we achieve growing positive recognition. We cultivate long term, sustainable relationships with our partners and together explore new pathways of working.



We take pride in delivering a quality end product and service to our stakeholders – our work ethic and efficiency helps us realise this vision of excellence. We do this by promoting open and effective communication, creating a safe working environment centred around teamwork. We are committed to consistently achieving a positive outcome for the benefit of all stakeholders.



Through collaboration, we consistently deliver a positive and ethical outcome, centred around the needs of the communities in which we work. We strive to inspire positive change and remain consistent in our approach. Our organisation is built on socially driven values, where the needs of communities and individuals remain a number one priority.

Our Mission

Pathway Homes is committed to inspiring change within the social housing and supported living sector through the delivery of high quality, bespoke homes which fulfil an ethical purpose. We strive to provide a foundation from which the wider needs of an individual’s progression and self-fulfilment are built whilst simultaneously sustaining the expectations of all stakeholders.