Pathway Homes

Sectors we work in

Pathway Homes Group develops sustainable homes in the social housing, supported living, move-on accommodation and homelessness sectors.

We deliver high-quality housing that meets the needs of our partners and helps to support thriving and sustainable communities.



Social housing

Through our social housing developments, we are committed to providing stable and sustainable housing throughout the country.

Working with partner organisations, including local charities, care and support providers, housing associations and local authorities, we deliver social homes that provide a secure housing option for individuals and families across the country.

As one of the UK’s leading developers, we deliver stable social homes developed to an exceptional standard to ensure communities have access to the right housing, which fulfils their housing needs.


Supported Living

Pathway Homes Group is proud to offer a bespoke design, build and development service that delivers sustainable homes to all aspects of the supported living sector.

Through these developments, we are committed to delivering housing that those who require support can call their home. Working with partners and key stakeholders, our portfolio of supported living properties helps individuals to live as independently and comfortably as possible, with access to the right care and support.

Though the care and support needs of those who require access to supported living housing may vary, the quality and sustainability of our homes do not. We’re committed to making a measurable difference in the delivery of high-quality homes for this sector.


Move-on Accommodation

At Pathway Homes Group, we facilitate the availability of more affordable housing through the development and delivery of our move-on accommodation. Operating within this sector, we create general-needs homes that add social and economic value to communities across the UK. More importantly, we’re committed to giving individuals and families access to a vast array of high-quality homes.

As a needs-led developer, we aim to develop move-on accommodation that is built to last and continue to actively respond to the growing need for sustainable housing and accommodation within this sector.



We are leading specialists in the provision of housing for homeless individuals and families, and those at risk of homelessness.

Through the multi-agency partnerships we have facilitated and established with industry experts, including care and support providers, homeless charities, community groups and local authorities across the country, Pathway Homes Group is proud of the integral role we play in the fight against homelessness.

By listening to the needs and requirements of our partners, we identify and acquire housing throughout the UK, ensuring these properties are developed into quality, comfortable and stable homes for those most in need. We understand the intricacies of the sector and develop properties that meet the needs of our partners and their tenants.

We believe everyone deserves a home, which is why every year we help vulnerable adults and families to transform their lives.

We adopt a needs-led people-centred approach. With commitment and passion, we are driven to help steer and support people towards a Pathway to a better life.

Chanel WilliamsDirector of Support Services