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Social Impact Investing for Homelessness

Social impact investing offers financial exposure to organisations accomplishing socially valuable activities that positively impact communities throughout the country.

We are proud of the work we do and how our property developments benefit the lives and opportunities of those most in need: veterans returning to civilian life, single parents, families facing financial hardships or domestic abuse and those at risk of homelessness.

Pathway Homes Group is one of the fastest growing property developers in the UK.


What is social impact investing?

Today’s society is made up of businesses, social enterprises and charities who all play a crucial part in delivering a society that works. Social impact investing is an example of this: private capital that contributes to public good. The emergence of social impact investing echoes the trajectory of its better-known counterpart, focused upon environmental, social and governance investing (ESG).

At Pathway Homes Group, we are committed to bridging the gap between social impact investing and mainstream investing for those who want to see their investments make a measurable difference, whilst still receiving a stable financial return.

Investing in the homelessness property sector with PHG

At Pathway Homes Group, we have established a development strategy that generates a stable, secure and inflation-protected income for institutional investors to meet their income requirements and capital growth. This is all supported by the government in their implementation of The Homelessness Reduction Act 2017 to address and tackle the lack of housing available throughout the country.

We successfully utilise capital to acquire, develop and create high-quality and sustainable accommodation throughout the U.K., let on index-linked leases with our partner organisations, whilst still having an important, valuable and positive social impact.

In these unprecedented times, the numbers of individuals and families at risk of homelessness are growing; according to the latest research and statistics from Crisis, the U.K. currently has approximately 320,000 vulnerable individuals, either sleeping on the streets, in temporary housing or homeless shelters. PHG want to continue to play a much needed and pivotal role in developing high-quality, needs-led housing for the U.K.’s vulnerable individuals and families. With demand growing, PHG is ideally placed to contribute to providing homes to those in need, bringing housing associations and support organisations together to deliver projects that enhance our society.

We are the partner for you

Social impact matters to us

Pathway Homes Group has made long-term commitments to the communities we operate in. Working closely with our partner organisations we are dedicated to forging new models of support that can make lasting change and better the lives of those most in need through housing, care and support. training, education and employment.

We are dedicated to making a measurable difference to communities throughout the country, ensuring their residents can thrive. It is our mission to exceed the responsibilities and day-to-day activities of a property developer, which is why we have established a multi-agency approach that provides an ongoing, wrap-around service that positively impacts the lives of each individual involved.

Why we are the partner for you

There are so many reasons why you should invest in our developments:

Development expertise
Our figures speak for themselves; since late 2019, we have developed 1,700+ homeless units.

Steady, long-term investment
Our properties are index-linked leases, which will ensure an ongoing, steady income.

Geographical diversity
Our developments are delivered throughout England.

Ongoing property demand
With homeless figures set to reach an all-time high post Covid-19, the demand for homelessness accommodation is exponential.

Ready for purchase portfolios
We have ready for purchase portfolios and a pipeline of future portfolio plans available.

Inflation protected
Leases are CPI linked.

Expert & specialist partners
Our properties are leased to housing associations who work in collaboration with local authorities, care and support providers, charities and education/training organisations.

We have proven success partnering with local authorities, housing associations and care/support/education providers to create wrap-around services that benefit those most in need.


I can’t believe how different life is. People see me differently now. I’ve got my family back. I couldn’t have done any of this without the team. They gave me a chance and I’ve worked hard. They let me be an adult more and it is like a family vibe. They take you under their wing and they help you so much. They’re amazing, they actually care.

Pathway Homes tenant

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Invest with us

We are always eager to forge new partnerships with investors who are looking to build mutually beneficial working relationships. Together we can make a measurable difference by improving the lives and opportunities of the most vulnerable members of society.

If you are interested in further discussions regarding our investment opportunities, please email/call a member of our team and we will contact you directly: or call our office: 0151 909 5665.

Click the link below for more information on the work we do and the positive impact it has on the lives of those most in need.

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If you are interested in further discussions regarding our investment opportunities, please complete the form and a member of our team will contact you directly.

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